School Calendar


August 8th                          Back to School Popcorn Night! 
                                             AM Class – 5:30-6:00   PM Class – 6:15 – 6:45 

August 22nd                       First Day of School

September 5th                   Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

October 10th                      Columbus Day – No School

October 13th                      Field Trip to the Farm Stand

October 31st                      Class Fall Party

November 17th                  Thanksgiving Family Feast – 11:00am-12:00pm

November 23rd & 24th      Thanksgiving – No School

December 15th                  Christmas Program – 6:00 pm
                                            **Please have children to the classroom by 5:45**

December 22nd                 Christmas Party & $5-$10 Gift Exchange
                                            (boys bring a boy gift, girls bring a girl gift)

December 26th-Jan 5th    Christmas Break and New Year’s – No School  

January 16th                      Martin Luther King Jr. Day – No School

February 14th                    Valentine’s Day Party – Children may bring Valentines. 
                                            Please sign your child’s name on each valentine, but please do NOT                                                         individually address each valentine to your child’s classmates.  

February 20th                    President’s Day – No School

March 16th                        St. Patrick’s Day Party and Green Day at school. 
                                            Everybody wear your green!

March 27th –30th              Spring Break

April 13th                           Easter Celebration


May 11th                            Shining Stars Fundraiser@ 6:00pm

May 25th                            Last Day of School and end of the year Field Trip


**If we do not have school on a day that your child is scheduled to attend, you can choose to switch a day for that week as long as space is available.  

*** Reminder: As stated in the tuition agreement, tuition does not alter if your child is absent for any reason, including illnesses, vacations, holidays, 1 week of Christmas break, 1 week of spring break, and school closings (up to 3 days) due to inclement weather.   The tuition rate set during the year has been lowered to account for the days in which school is closed.