What are the hours of the school day?

Shining Stars Christian Preschool is open Monday through Thursday.

Morning Session8:05-11:00 AMDrop off begins at 8:05 & Pickup begins at 11:00

Afternoon Session- 12:05-3:00 PM- Drop off begins at 12:05 & Pickup begins at 3:00


What is the tuition and how is it paid? 

We charge a non-refundable yearly start up fee of $50.00.  

Our weekly tuition fee is $67.00 for four days a week, $55.00 for three days a week and $42.00 for two days a week.  Tuition is paid bi-weekly via cash, money order or check (preferred) that may be made payable to Shining Stars Christian Preschool.  


What is the teacher to child ratio?  

We strictly follow the state standards of ten children to one teacher.  We do not allow any more than 20 children in one classroom with two teachers.


How does a multi-age classroom work?  

We believe in the Multi-age classroom for several reasons.  One, we feel it teaches the older students a sense of leadership, as well as how to care for and nurture younger students.  Two, it allows the younger students to have a peer role model to look up to.  Three, this method of teaching allows children to advance at their own level of development.  We offer flexible curriculum that will match each child’s individual development.  With this style of learning the teachers use a wide range of instructional methods, such as small-group learning, whole-group learning and individual learning.  This wide range of instruction helps to ensure that some children will not be left behind if they struggle a little in a certain area, while other children will not become bored if they are more advanced in a particular area.  

During circle time, the children are all present and involved in the same activities.  After circle time, the children break up into areas of learning that we call centers.  In these areas of learning they may have free choice and explore on their own.  While this free exploration is occurring, the two teachers will be overseeing the room as well as teaching a guided center.  Two guided centers will be occurring each day during center time.  One teacher will be teaching an activity such as math or science while the other teacher will be teaching another subject such as art or writing.  The children will be called over to the guided center by age or level of development.  All children are required to at least try and participate in a guided center during center time.  The children, no matter what their age, will all be doing a similar product.  However, the process of what is expected of them will be different.  For example, a three year old just learning to cut may be given a shape and we might work on holding the scissors the correct way and gaining enough finger muscles to open and close the scissors correctly.  With improvement we will work on cutting on the line.  For an older five year old that is more advanced, we may give them a shape to trace and then have them trace it themselves and cut out the shape.  Or we may work on a more difficult shape to have them cut, perhaps one with more edges and corners.

What is important is to remember that each child is unique, no matter what their age.   Thus, it is very important that all teachers in the classroom focus on meeting each child where they are, allowing them to learn and grow at their own pace.  


How will you integrate teaching my child spiritually as well as academically?

We believe very strongly in providing your child with the best education possible; not just academically, but spiritually.  The teachers will be taking the curriculum from Gospel Light’s Bright Beginnings, Exploring God’s World, and integrating it with the Illinois Early Learning Standards.  For example, during a week in which the theme is Insects, the children may be in Math, adding and subtracting insects; In Science, investigating and categorizing some different types of insects; In Social Science, learning where different insects can be found geographically; and Spiritually, learning that God created everything in the world, and we’ll learn a Bible verse that we can memorize together as a class to help us learn what God says about insects and the things He has created.  


Is Shining Stars Christian Preschool a part of Community Christian Church as well as their program, Kid’s City?

While our spiritual beliefs and teachings are congruent with those of Community Christian Church and their Kid’s City program, Shining Stars Christian Preschool is an independently owned organization apart from CCC.


How will I know about my child’s progress? 

We are in full cooperation of, and understand, the major importance of communicating with primary caregivers regarding their child's development.  We post weekly on our parent board so you can see exactly what we are working on and so you can talk about it at home with your child.  At times we may post or send home activities for you to do with your child, which follow along with what we are working on at school.  The teachers will also keep a portfolio of work assessments and work samples that your children have created, which you may request to view at any time throughout the year.  We also have lots of fun photos and updates of what we are doing in the classroom on our preschool facebook page!


Do children receive a report card?

We do not send out report cards, but we do provide parents once a semester with progress assessment reports.  We also will keep a portfolio of your child throughout the school year.  This portfolio will be full of different art work, journal entries done by your child, and assessments that we have done with your child at school.  This portfolio will be sent home along with your child’s progress report, for you to look over and then return to school.  We will keep adding to your child’s portfolio for the entire time your child is in our preschool.  On your child’s very last day at Shining Stars (whether they are here for 1 year, or 3 years!), you will have a fun journal keepsake of your child’s years here at our school.    While we do not have structured parent and teacher conference days, please know that our teachers are available every day to answer questions via emails, phone calls, or notes as methods of communication that can be used if there are ever any questions, comments or concerns pertaining to your child’s progress.  We are always here for you and your child!


Does the curriculum prepare your child for school?

Absolutely! Our curriculum is written based on the Illinois State Standards that are written by the Illinois Board, in order to ensure that your children are ‘Kindergarten ready’ and that they are accomplishing proper early childhood development. 


Are writing materials available to children?

Yes, there are writing materials available in our art/writing center that children may use every day during free choice center time.  We also focus on the beginning steps of writing throughout the week during our guided center time.  We work on holding a writing utensil the correct way and on forming our letters from left to right and top to bottom.


Are children read to at least twice a day, and is there literature available for the children to read on their own?

Absolutely, children are read to every circle time and we offer a children’s library where children may select their own books to read in the classroom.  We rotate books in and out of the children’s library so that there is continually a fresh selection of books for children to look at.  We also have a listening center that we open on occasion for the children to listen to books on tape.  We do participate in a few scholastic reading programs during the year and we send home scholastic order forms and encourage parents to read to their children daily as well. 


Is there any food served at Shining Stars Christian Preschool? 

Yes, a snack will be served.  Children love snacks and they love to feel important when they get to bring in their own snacks.  There will be one snack time per class, per day, that will be brought in by the children.  At the beginning of the year, each child will bring in 2 different snacks, with each snack providing enough for 20 children. For example, you can bring in one box of teddy grahams (which feeds 20), and one bag of pretzels (which feeds 20).  The school will provide juice.  All snacks must be in their original sealed containers with the ingredients clearly labeled.  Parents will be informed of any allergies in the classroom and prohibit any snacks from entering the classroom that may contain an ingredient that a student is allergic to.  Since nut allergies have been on the rise, we are a nut free school.  No snack containing any nuts may be brought in or served at the school 


What if my child is allergic to certain types of foods? 

Parents must inform us of any allergies in the child's medical file.  An allergy plan is created with you and your child's teachers.  Your child’s allergy is posted where teachers and substitutes will visibly be able to see it daily.  When a snack on a child's allergy list is served, the child receives a substitution snack.  We may ask that you provide a small emergency snack pile to be stored in our cabinets as an alternative for your child on days that the snack is not suitable for him/her. 


Do the children go on any field trips? 

Yes, we take two field trips a year.  Our first field trip is in October.  We walk a little down the road to a pumpkin farm, where they have a petting zoo and a hayride.  Also, we will get to purchase some farmers market produce to sample, and each child will get to pick out their own little pumpkin to take home at the end of the trip.   It’s a fun time to be had by all!  Our second field trip is the very last day of school.  It will be a celebration of the hard work we have accomplished and a kick off to the summer vacation!  The destination of this end of the year field trip changes yearly. 


Do you require parents to volunteer their time at school? 

We do not require parents to volunteer, however we strongly encourage parent volunteers on our field trip days.  We ask for a few volunteers for extra safety and supervision of the children.  Parents are more than welcome to volunteer their time, if they wish to do so, at any time in the classroom.