Fire Safety and Prevention



** Tuition due this week!

** NO SCHOOL MONDAY, OCTOBER 14 th – Columbus Day.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to switch days if your child comes on Mondays.  

** Firefighters are coming Monday and Tuesday to help teach our kids about fire safety!

** Show n Tell Thursday:  Have your child bring in something that begins with ‘D’                                                   

**Field Trip to Anderson’s Farm Stand is Thursday the 10 th .  More info will be coming soon.


Date:  September 30 th - October 3rd

Theme: Fire Safety and Prevention

Bible: Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

Letter: Bb


Assessment Benchmarks :


Language Arts: Make some letter sound matches;

Math:   Participate in situations that involve addition and subtraction using manipulatives.

Science:   Begin to understand basic safety practices;

Social Science: Identify community workers and the services they provide;

Physical Development and Health:   Coordinate movements to perform complex tasks;

Fine Arts: Music:  Investigate the elements of music



Monday, September 30 th


Circle Time: Sing a good morning song.  Have our calendar time.  

Letter- Intro to the letter D sound.  Read our letter Dd poster poem and begin our letter D list.

Theme and Bible:  This week we are going to be learning all about Fire and Fire safety.  Today we are going to read a story about fire in our Bible today.  Let’s read the story, A Very Hot Fire (Daniel 3) from the, Read With Me Bible .  Why were Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego thrown into the fire?  What would happen if you touched fire?  Why were the three friends not hurt?  God wants us to pray to Him and worship Him alone.  Let’s sing to God today and let Him know how much we love Him.  Sing worship songs with the kids from Hillsong live worship for KIDS!:  “Anthem of Praise” and “Oh How I Love You.”  I am so thankful that our God loves and protects us and I am so thankful that He protected our friends in the Bible story today.  Fires can be very dangerous!

Math: Firetruck counting, simple addition and subtraction (math manipulatives)

Science:   Something you should not touch is steam.   What is steam?  Teach the children what steam is. From a distance, let them see it.  What happens to hot water after it sits for awhile?  What happens to it if we put it in the freezer?

Art/Fine Motor :  Practice handwriting with the letter Dd.  

Language/Literacy: Read, Firefighter Ted by Andrea Beaty and Pascal Lemaitre


Large Motor:   Put out the fire- bike (fire engine) relay races

Extra Activities:   Balance Beam


Tuesday, October 1 st  


Circle Time: Calendar, Weather, and Star of the Week.  We are in a new month today.  Sing our months song and talk about all the holidays in the mo

nth of October.    

Letter:  Review the letter Dd.  Read the letter Dd book and continue to add words to the letter Dd list.

Bible:   Have the children retell the Bible story we learned yesterday about the 3 friends and the firery furnace using flannel board pieces.  Who rescued the three friends from the fiery furnace?  God did!  God helped them.  God is always watching over us and is helping us no matter where we go.  Sing, “God will help you.”

Theme:   Let the children stand and practice acting out the fire safety tips

Fire Safety Tips:

*Shout loudly for help

*If your bedroom door is open and you feel heat or see flames, close the door.  

*If your bedroom door is closed, feel the door (not the handle) with the back of your hand.  If it is hot, DON’T OPEN IT.

*If your door doesn’t feel hot and you don’t see flames leave quickly out the nearest exit.  Crawl on the floor out the nearest exit if there is smoke.

*Exit out the window if you can when you are trapped in your room.  If you cannot, stay by the window so firefighter can find you quickly.  NEVER HIDE FROM A FIREFIGHTER!  THEY ARE THERE TO HELP YOU!

*Once you are safely outside, go to your family’s meeting spot or your neighbor’s house. *Call 911

Math:   D is for ducks, simple addition and subtraction (math manipulatives)

Science:   What’s that sound?  Use your sense of listening to try and figure out what the different sounds are.  Describe them as loud or soft.  (Fire alarm, water shaking in a bottle.  coins in a can, etc.)

Art/Fine Motor:   

Language/Literacy: D is for Ducks.  Children’s choice Duck stories

Large Motor:   D is for dancing!

Extra Activities: Fire Engine Floor Puzzle


Wednesday, October 2nd


Circle Time: Calendar, Weather, and Star of the Week

Letter:  Have show and tell the letter Dd for those who will not be here on Thursday.  Read, A Dozen Dogs by Harriet Ziefert.  

Bible: Have any of you ever been afraid?  I’ve been afraid before.  Who remembers our story of Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego?  Read, VeggiTales, Rack, Shack, and Benny .  

. Theme: This week we’ve been learning a lot about fire safey.  Today, I have a book we are going to read about fire safety, and it starts with the letter D! Read the title and have children help pick out the words in the title that begin with D.  Then read, Dinofours: It’s Fire Drill Day! By Steve Metzger.  Review fire safety and what to do if there is a fire.  Have a class fire drill!

Math:   Counting a dozen dogs.  (See morning circle)

Science:   Dinosaur Dig-  Digging for dinosaurs in the dirt sensory free play

Art/Fine Motor :  

Language/Literacy: Read, Little Danny Dinosaur by Janet Craig

Large Motor:   Stop, Drop, and Roll - Fire Safety!!

Extra Activities: Have a fire drill


Thursday, October 3rd


Circle Time: Calendar, Weather, and Star of the Week

Letter:  Have Show and Tell for the letter Dd.

Theme:  This we week we are learning about safety.  Today we have a special visitor who is going to talk to you about fire safety at home.  Have a visit from real firefighters.  What did we learn from the firefighters?  What are ways we can be safe in a fire? (Crawl on the ground if you see smoke; stop, drop, and roll if your clothes are on fire; call 911 if there’s a fire emergency; Don’t hide if there’s a fire; Don’t be afraid of the firefighters because they want to help you!) Read, Firefighters A-Z .

Bible:   Have the children retell and act out the story of the 3 friends and the fiery furnace.  

Math:   Numbers around the world and in order 1-20.

Science:   That’s hot, that’s cold-  Make a list of things that are hot and things that are cold.

Art/Fine Motor:   Journal Entry:  Fire Safety Rules

Language/Literacy: A Visit to the Firehouse

Large Motor:   D is for dribbling.  Practice dribbling with balls today.

Extra Activities:   Fire fighters visit today

Posted on September 30, 2013 .