Animals and their Habitats

January 27th – January 30th   

Theme: Animals and their Habitats

Bible: God loves me and always helps me;



Monday, January 27th


Circle Time: Calendar, Weather, and Star of the Week

Letter:  Intro to the letter Pp.  Listen to our letter Pp poster poem and begin making our letter Pp word list.

Bible: God loves me and always helps me.  Sing “God helps me do good things.”  What are some different ways that God always helps us.  God also helps US to help OTHERS!  Read about how God helped some different people in the bible (Joshua, Esther, ect) and made them heroes!!  Sing “heroes” from our Bible curriculum cd. What are some good things we can do to help others? 

Theme: This week we are learning about animals and their habitats!  Does anybody know what a habitat is?!  Read, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you hear? By Eric Carle.  What were some of the animals in that story?  Talk about the different habitats of those animals.   

Math:  seal and ball math game – counting and one to one correspondence;

Science:  “pop”corn in the sensory table

Art/Fine Motor:  Ping Pong Art

Language/Literacy:  Read, A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle;

Large Motor:  Pirate Ship

Extra Activities:  Hickity Pickity Bumble Bee


Tuesday, January 28th


Circle Time: Calendar, Weather, and Star of the Week

Letter:  Pp – Read our Letter Pp alphabet book and add words to our word list. 

Bible: Review our Bible theme, “God loves me and always helps me”.  Sing “The Lord is my helper”. 

Theme: Yesterday we talked about animals who like to live where it is really cold.  What kinds of animals did we read about?  Today we are going to talk about some animals that might live where it gets really warm!!  Read, Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae & David Wojtowycz

Math:  Pigs in a mud puddle

Science:  Put some paint in a ziploc bag, slip a white sheet of paper underneath, and tape it down to the table!  Fun, mess-free sensory art.

Art/Fine Motor:  Painted peacocks

Language/Literacy:  The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizas

Large Motor:  wolves and the big bad pig tag;

Extra Activities:  Name writing practice


Wednesday, January 29th


Circle Time: Calendar, Weather, and Star of the Week

Letter and theme:  Review the letter Pp sound.  Have show and tell for those who will not be here tomorrow; Read, Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere! By Bob Barner.  Talk about the habitat of a penguin and how it lives. 

Bible: What are ways that God helps us every day?  Take turns praying and thanking God for his love. 

Math:  simple addition and subtraction of penguins in a pool

Science:  penguins in the water table with ice;

Art/Fine Motor:  Playdough fun!

Language/Literacy:  The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly by Catherine Vase;

Large Motor:  Animal action

Extra Activities:  Alphabet around the world


Thursday, January 30th


Circle Time: Calendar, Weather, and Star of the Week

Letter:  Show and tell – Pajamas!!   Read, Pancakes for Breakfast by Tomie DePaola;  Meet “The pancake man”

Bible: God loves me and always helps me – sing our bible song “God will help you.” 

Theme: Read, Who Lives in a Tree? By Susan Canizares

Math:  Counting by 10s

Science:  make pancakes

Art/Fine Motor:  Pears in a pear tree counting by 10s

Language/Literacy:  If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff. 

Large Motor:  parachute play

Extra Activities:  Computer Play



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