What is the Bible?


Theme: Shapes, Shapes, Shapes!!

Bible: What is the Bible?

*Intro to letters and numbers


Assessment Benchmarks:


Language Arts: *Listen with understanding and respond to directions and conversations. Communicate needs, ideas and thoughts.

Math:  *Count with understanding and recognize “how many” in sets of objects.

Science:  *Use scientific tools such as thermometers, balance scales and magnifying glasses for investigation.

Social Science: Participate in voting as a way of making choices.

Physical Development and Health:  Coordinate movements to perform complex tasks.

Fine Arts: Dance: Investigate the elements of dance.


Monday, September 2nd – NO SCHOOL – Labor Day


Tuesday, September 3rd 


Circle Time: Calendar, Weather, and Star of the Week

Bible: This week we are going to be learning about how the Bible helps us learn good and right ways to live!!  What is the Bible?  Why is the Bible so important?  Read, What is the Bible? By Kathleen Long Bostrom;  Sing “Hear the Word” from our Bible curriculum cd.  

Theme: Shapes, shapes, shapes!  All this week we are going to have some fun with shapes!  What are shapes?  Just like letters and numbers, shapes are all around us!!  Review some shapes using our parquetry blocks.  Sing our “We are shapes” song to get familiar with different shapes.  Read,  Red Bear’s Fun With Shapes by Bodel Rikys

Math:  Shape graphing and counting with parquetry blocks!  

Science:  Animal exploration 

Art/Fine Motor:  Shape Train

Language/Literacy:  Children’s Choice train books – use our small train manipulatives for kids to use to vote for the train book that they want to read.  Count the votes and read that book! 

Large Motor:  Tummy Tango – we are going to make different shapes with our bodies by pretending to be different foods! 

Extra Activities:  Trains on the carpet


Wednesday, September 4th 


Circle Time: Calendar, Weather, and Star of the Week

Bible: Review what the Bible is.  Whenever we aren’t sure what to do, or what God wants us to do, we can read the Bible and God will help us!  Yesterday we sang a song called “Hear the word”.  Review and sing our song.  The Bible helps us make good choices. Read, I Can Make Good Choices! by David Parker

Theme:  There are lots of shapes everywhere!  In this book, we will get to see how shapes can make different pictures!  Let’s see if you can guess what picture the shape is going to make.  Read, In My World by Lois Ehlert;  

Math:  puzzles

Science:  Fun with food!  (cutting wooden food/free exploration)

Art/Fine Motor:  Create an “I See Shapes” book by creating spaghetti shapes!!  

Language/Literacy/Closing Circle:  Review how the Bible helps us make good choices.  Read, Mind Your Manner in School by Arianna Candell and Rosa M. Curto.  Time permitting, sing a fun shapes song:  Sing “_____, _______, is the shape that I see” using parquetry blocks. (let each child have a shape to hold while singing the song);  

Large Motor:  Musical Shapes:  Tape Different shapes onto the floor. Have the children step from shape to shape as music plays. When the music stops have the children stop and yell out what shape they are standing on.

Extra Activities:  Shape assessments


Thursday, September 5th 


Circle Time: Calendar, Weather, and Star of the Week

Bible: Who can tell me what the Bible is?  The Bible tells us all kinds of good things that we can do.  Sing “God helps me do good things”.  Let’s make a list of good things that we can do, and ask God to help us to always do good things for others; 

Theme: Review the different shapes we have been learning about this week.  Use our safety signs poster to show how we can see shapes on the signs outside! Now show the children a parquetry block picture and ask what’s wrong with it?!  That’s right!  Help me!  I have lost my shapes!  Put all the shapes that would make up that picture in the middle of the circle.  Sing the song that goes with our game and let children help pick the shapes to put together our shapes picture.  

Math:  Balancing Scales and dinosaurs

Science:  Magnet exploration

Art/Fine Motor:  Cookie Cutter shapes and painting 

Language/Literacy:  Shape mobiles

Large Motor: Shape Exercises!  Cut out several different shapes (square, triangle, circle, etc) and tell the children that each one represents a different exercise (jumping jacks, twist, jump up and down, run in place) and when you hold it up they should do that exercise. 

Extra Activities:  Shape assessments




Lost Shape


Have your children sit in a circle, have one child run around the circle and sing the song: 
Lost my (shape) what do I do? 
Lost my (shape). What do I do? 
Lost my (shape). What do I do? 
Skip to my Lou my darling
Have Different shapes in the center of the circle and have the child that was running around find the shape.


“ We are Shapes!” 


Two sides short and two sides long, 
Two sides short, two sides long. 
Two sides short and two sides long, 
We're a rectangle.

Our Four sides are just the same, 
Just the same, just the same, 
Our four sides are just the same, 
We're a square.

We've got three corners and three sides, 
See our sides with your eyes. 
We got three corners and three sides, 
We're a triangle.

We're as round as we can be, 
We can be, we can be. 
We're as round as we can be, 
We're a circle

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