The Five Senses

February 3rd-6th

Theme: The Five Senses

Bible: David and Goliath

Letter: Qq


Assessment Benchmarks:


Language Arts: Seek answers to questions through active exploration.

Math:  Represent data using concrete objects, pictures, and graphs.

Science:  Uses senses to explore and observe materials and natural p


Social Science: Recognize similarities and differences in people.           

Physical Development and Health:  Identify body parts and their functions.

Fine Arts: *Music: Investigate the elements of music.


Monday, February 3rd 


Circle Time: Calendar, Weather, and Star of the Week

Letter:  Qq – alphabet poster poem and begin making Q word list. 

Bible: Who was David?  Who was Goliath?  Read the story of David and Goliath.  Sing, “Only a boy named David”

Theme: Five Senses.  What are the five senses?  Sing some of our five senses songs.  Read, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear? 

Math:  Patches on a quilt from 1-20

Science:  Five Senses – Play, “What is that sound?” A sense of sound test.

Art/Fine Motor:  Number quilt

Language/Literacy: Read, The Listening Walk by by Paul Showers

Large Motor:  Go on a Listening Walk

Extra Activities:  Free reading with science books


Tuesday, February 4th


Circle Time: Calendar, Weather, and Star of the Week

Letter:  Read, My Q Book and add words to our letter Q word list;

Bible: Read, David and Goliath retold by Kathryn Smith.  Sing our song “Only a boy named David”. 

Theme:  Read, My Five Senses by Aliki.  What are our five senses?  Sing our “Do you know how?” five senses song.  Today we are going to talk about our sense of taste!! (See science)  Math:  Number cards

Science:  Taste Test – Close your eyes and guess that food!!   

Art/Fine Motor:  Letter Q and name writing

Language/Literacy:  Read, What Food is This?

Large Motor:  Tummy Tango

Extra Activities:  Fire Drill Day


Wednesday, February 5th 


Circle Time: Calendar, Weather, and Star of the Week

Letter:  Read, The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle.

Bible: Review the story of David and Goliath.  What was David’s job before he went to fight Goliath?  He was a Shephard.  Talk about how Jesus is our Shepherd. 

Theme: Five senses Review.  Pull out a piece of our potato head from the bag.  Talk about what you do with each body part! (eyes, arms, ears, tongue, etc...)  Let chidlren take turns talking about their favorite thing to see, taste, touch, hear, etc...

Math:  Around the world flash cards

Science:  Sensory cloths – can you feel the materials and help them find their match? 

Art/Fine Motor: Potato Heads

Language/Literacy:  Read, Five Little Ducks by Jose Aruego and sing our “Five Little Ducks” song;

Large Motor:  Hot and Cold

Extra Activities:  Pooh’s sorting computer game


Thursday, February 6th


Circle Time: Calendar, Weather, and Star of the Week

Letter:  Have show and tell for the letter Qq

Bible: Review the story of David and Goliath; How was David able to beat Goliath?  That’s right!  He prayed and asked God for help!  Sing “The Lord is my Helper” from our bible curriculum cd. 

Theme: Review our Five Senses.  Today we are going to be talking about our sense of sight and our sense of smell!  What do we use to smell?  Play, “guess that smell”.  We are also going to be talking about sense of sight.  Read, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?  What do you think it would be like if we COULDN’T see?  Today we are going to do some different activities to discover just how much we use our sense of sight every day! 

Math:  David’s stones- simple additions

Science:  Five senses – sense of Sight and sense of smell. 

Art/Fine Motor:  Q Quilts

Language/Literacy:  Read, Look Closer by Peter Ziebel Read

Large Motor:  Q is for questions- play Mother May I

Extra Activities:  Blind-folded obstacle course;  Magnifying Glasses and bugs in the science center














The Story of David and Goliath































 Retold by________________________________________________

My Five Senses





What I Like to See:

What I like to hear:

What I like to touch:

What I like to smell:

What I like to taste:







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